My Approach

My approach encompasses  these theories  and  scientific bases.  I utilize many aspects of the Demartini Method to aid in the process of self-discovery and healing, along with education, and traditional psycho-therapy approaches if needed, such as CBT, Solution-Focussed Therapy, Experiential, Reality Therapy and others. The Demartini Method is a directive approach of concrete questions that assist the process of balancing perceptions and thus neutralizing emotions, leading to a greater sense of wholeness. I refer to my therapy sessions as “workshops” because there is an expectations that clients will actively participate. Through the process, a client can expect:









  • A greater understanding of self, including motivations to behaviour and responses;
  • To be both supported and challenged when needed;
  • To learn strategies for neutralizing emotional charges.

Because of my approach, I also offer therapy options that differ from the traditional one-hour session. If you have been in therapy before, I’m sure you have had an experience of feeling like you were just getting started when the hour ran out. I prefer to focus on a perception with an intent of working it and/or a specific event through in one sitting. As such, I offer 2+ hour workshop sessions. Most clients find 2-hours sufficient for achieving some form of insight without becoming too emotionally draining; however, there is the option to book more than 2 hours if preferred.

Are you ready to let go of society’s victim mentality?

Are you looking for a holistic approach encompassing the mind-body connection?

Are you wanting a deeper dive into your experience?

Are you looking to discover meaning and purpose to life as you heal your emotional charges?

Are you ready to participate in your healing in order to empower yourself?

Are you ready to be open and honest to yourself so that you can come to know the truth of your experience?

Are you ready for both the support and challenge that comes with the healing process?


If so, then my approach just may be a fit for you.


“You cannot get rid of the positive and negative balance. If you try to put on a facade for the world about how positive and upbeat you are, there will be chaos in your private life or your personal health.”

Dr. John DeMartini