Welcome to Sylvia Peske Psychological Services Inc.

Clients typically seek services when talking to others in their life no longer seems to help them work through challenges. Most of my clients talk about the usefulness of having a neutral and objective third-party professional they can go to for expanding their perspective. A shift in perspective can make a huge difference in both how we feel about our situation and in how we take action or respond. This can occur quickly in a few sessions, or depending on the layers within the challenge, you may desire more. Regardless, as a client, you set the pace and length of therapy.

As a psychologist, my compass steers me toward helping you discover you. I find great joy in witnessing clients come home to their true self. We often disconnect from our authentic self, leaving this part behind, amidst all the pressures and expectations put on us by daily life, social influences, responsibilities, others, etc. and/or trauma. The consequence of doing so often leads to feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and the list goes on. So what does it mean to come home to self?  Ultimately, it means knowing and accepting who we are and creating a life that fulfill us. In this state, we can feel grounded through our stressors and challenges. We can remain clear-headed and continue to think logically even when our emotions have been triggered. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you can remain objective and level-headed even when you feel overwhelmed?  Is this even possible? As humans, we can lose our composure and get caught up and carried away by our emotions. This is normal. What is not normal is staying in these emotional states for extended periods of time or living with ongoing distress.

Are you ready to reclaim you and your life?